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Betsey Johnson purses are the only collection of purses that comes, with sleek, sexy and sensuous designs.

They say that you can anticipate the mood of a woman by the bag she wears for the day, and this seems to be true when you take a look at these purses and bags. Each purse and bag seems to have an attitude and individuality compared to the rest of the bags.

Sometimes you feel you just want to be invincible, while on other days you want to shout out your mood to the world. The fluctuating emotions of women have been implemented on these bags and to conclude, you will just find the right bag for your mood.

Betsey Johnson purses are amazing to look at and the designs they come in are enchanting. With a wallet of the brand, a woman is sure to look ravishing; magnetizing the whole world under her sexy looks and steals the show wherever she goes.

These zappos are known for the class it radiates and the elegance it holds. Some of the purses and bags that have already caused ripples in the market are:

Exotica Small Drawstring: Now look at this amazing design that will sweep you off your feet the moment you look at it. The small Betsy Johnson Bag with its unique shape stops every heart beat with the very first glance they make. The bag sports snake embossed leather with black leather and metal hardware to accentuate its looks. The small gathered look of the bag makes it very exclusive making it capable to hold a lot of things inside it. The bag is best for evening parties and dinners, and sports an elegance which will definitely be noticed. The handle of the bag is also made from the same leather and has been maintained at a length by which the user can easily carry it on their wrist. The tassels on the bag make it more charming and attractive.

Exotica Hobo: Now here is another great bag that can make your blood go pumping. The bag sports yellow snake embossed leather with metal accents to highlight its looks. The bag features front zipped pockets to hold your essentials. The handle of the bag has metal detailing ta the base with gives the bag its personality. The handle of the bag has been maintained at a length by which the bag can be easily hanged on the shoulder.

Exotica Satchel: This yet another collection which has fans all around the world, and has seen sky rocketing demand. The bag sports yellow snake skin embossed leather with metal studs and leather tassels at the front. The handle of the bag is also made from the same material and can be easily hanged on the shoulder for convenience.

Betsey Johnson purses are a must have for all those who love to have designer collection in their wardrobe. And if you are thinking about its affordability then you need to know that they come at very affordable prices when compared to other designers.

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